About Partners for Water

We are a Dutch government programme that works on water issues around the world. We do this in long-term cooperation with local partners and the Dutch water sector. We encourage knowledge sharing, innovations, and an integrated approach. This is how we create impact in the field of water security for people, plants, and animals.

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Our Impact

To increase our impact among the diverse components of the Partner for Water programme, Theories of Change have been developed for both individual components and the overarching program. This framework is complemented by a monitoring and evaluation approach, which serves to ensure our progress, measure outcomes and outputs, and facilitate adaptation to evolving circumstances.

20 years

Partners for Water has been working with local governments and the Dutch water sector for more than 20 years.

25 countries

Besides the seven delta countries, Partners for water is active in more than 25 countries.

30 promising projects

In 2022-2023, Partners for water has granted innovation subsidy to more than 30 promissing projects.

15 international events

Partners for Water has organised over 15 international networking events (2022-2023)

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