The Netherlands International Water Ambition (NIWA)

“Increasing water security for over a hundred million people worldwide by 2030.” This is the common goal of the Netherlands International Water Ambition (NIWA).

Water opens international doors for the Netherlands. The Netherlands International Water Ambition (NIWA) shows how together, the Dutch government and the Dutch sector can increase the work on water security and water safety in the world of people, plants and animals, and optimise the Dutch contribution to it and Dutch earning capacity.

Contribution to NIWA goal and SDG 2030 agenda

The NIWA helps to achieve the SDG agenda. Climate adaptation – one of the biggest water challenges for the coming decade – is key. Once again, long-term partnerships are instrumental here, because improving water security takes a long time.

Achievement of NIWA: three pillars

The NIWA is a way of creating more coherence in water-related international policy instruments (programmes, subsidy schemes, etc.). It is also an important platform for collaboration within the sector: connecting public, private, societal and knowledge partners. The strategy for achieving the NIWA focuses on three pillars:

Outward-looking approach

The NIWA is based on demand-driven cooperation. At national level, governments work together on preconditions for water security and water safety.

At local level, participatory processes are used for planning and implementation. Dutch support concerns the development of financing structures, among other things. The (local) partner is primarily responsible for the financing agreement and implementation. This has led to new partnerships, knowledge development and concrete action.

From IWA to NIWA – a platform for collaboration

NIWA is the successor of an earlier ambition, the International Water Ambition (IWA). With the IWA, from 2016 to 2019, the responsible ministries invested in partnerships that contribute to water security and water safety for millions of people worldwide.

Developments since the IWA was introduced in 2016 mean that an update was needed for the Dutch International Water Ambition. The NIWA is a way of implementing the Dutch water-related international policy instruments more coherently, and a platform for collaboration between public, private, societal and knowledge partners.

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