Deltacountry Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the seven delta countries that are part of the delta country approach of the Partners for Water programme 2022 – 2027

This approach promotes sustainable and integrated water management through long-term partnerships and leverages experiences and results from previous Partner for Water programmes. Discover our partnership with Bangladesh and how you can participate below.

What we do in Bangladesh

For over 20 years, Partners for Water has collaborated closely with the Bangladesh government, private sector and NGOs. We use our network, knowledge and financing to collaborate on water security challenges in our partner countries. This is accomplished through applying the expertise in sustainable, integrated, inclusive and innovative water management from the Dutch- and Bangladesh water sectors in early planning phases.

In Bangladesh, we focus on strengthening the bilateral cooperation in water and adaptive delta management, and on improving asset management within these sectors. These activities fall under the umbrella and support of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP2100). The BDP2100 aims to advance the country’s water management and to realise a climate-resilient, prosperous and sustainable Bangladesh by 2100. Through strategic partnerships, knowledge exchange and innovative initiatives, we aim to create a lasting impact on water management practices in Bangladesh and the Netherlands.

How we work in Bangladesh

Strengthening the bilateral cooperation in water and adaptive delta management
Partners for Water is committed to enhancing the bilateral cooperation between Bangladesh and the Netherlands in water and adaptive delta management. As Bangladesh prepares to graduate from its ‘Low Development Country’ status in 2026, our cooperation is evolving from government-to-government engagement to broader relationships involving financing institutions, the private sector, NGOs and knowledge institutes. Our strategic focus includes supporting the implementation of the BDP2100 and fostering collaboration between the Bangladesh and Dutch water sectors.

Improving asset management in water and adaptive delta management
Partners for Water aims to accelerate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 ‘ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all’ by shifting the paradigm from the traditional ‘build, neglect and repair’ (BNR) cycle to a more sustainable approach of ‘build, maintain and improve’. This involves addressing the root causes of the BNR cycle and emphasizing the importance of long-term asset management, the adoption of integrated and innovative approaches and collaborations for sustainable asset management practices.

Aligning NL Water Cooperation with Bangladesh Planning
The Netherlands’ water cooperation with Bangladesh is closely aligned with the BDP2100 and emphasises ownership and participatory water management. By co-designing, co-financing and co-implementing local projects and focusing on innovative finance, we aim to accelerate the implementation of BDP2100 while addressing climate initiatives, gender equality and social progress. As the Netherlands transitions to a ‘Knowledge Partner,’ the overarching goal is to strengthen our role in advancing sustainable water management practices in Bangladesh.

Report: Build, Neglect, and Rebuild Cycle in Bangladesh

This report, funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency through the Partners for Water Programme, presents findings from the assignment “Literature Review and Stakeholder Consultation on the ‘Build, Neglect, and Rebuild’ Cycle in Bangladesh’s Water Sector.”

Conducted by MetaMeta Research and IWFM BUET, the report focuses on root causes analysis, shared agenda setting, and an action plan for 2024-2025 to break the BNR cycle. Download the full report here for insights into addressing water sector challenges in Bangladesh.

Download the report

How you can get involved

Are you currently working on water and food projects in Bangladesh or exploring how to do so? Or just curious about participating in the Partners for Water initiatives? Here are ways for you to get involved:

  • Apply for our tenders focused on innovative solutions in delta countries like Bangladesh. Find more information on our news page.
  • Join our annual Bangladesh platform meeting or one of the other Partners for Water events. Check out our events page for upcoming events.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our tenders, activities, events and projects.
  • Apply for the Partners for Water subsidy. Explore whether you are eligible.
  • Get in touch with our Project Advisor for Bangladesh: Michiel Slotema or our Delegated Representative in Bangladesh Neeltje Kielen

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