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Partners for Water facilitates and promotes sustainable solutions for global water challenges. In the Partners for Water 2022 – 2027 Programme, we concentrate on two themes within the thematic approach: Nature-based Solutions (NBS) and Water-Biodiversity-Food.

This page details our approach on Water-Biodiversity-Food. By actively promoting the conservation and restoration of nature within food production systems, we aim to enhance water security for people, plants and animals worldwide. Discover how to get involved through our tenders, the events we organise, and more.

What we do to improve the Water-Biodiversity-Food nexus

Biodiversity is declining globally due to conventional practices in water distribution and water management for food production. However, considering biodiversity as an integral factor in decision-making around water management improves the resilience of both local nature and the food system. That’s why Partners for Water is dedicated to improving the role of biodiversity in water and food decision-making to enhance water security and benefit local ecosystems and food production.

We focus on facilitating early-stage projects and providing advisory support for large-scale implementation. Our approach emphasizes strong local embedding and focusses on public- and private partnerships, holistic processes and system change. Additionally, we are committed to disseminating the insights and lessons learned to expand the international knowledge base and fortify the water-biodiversity-food nexus globally.

How we work

Partners for Water prioritises the following initiatives and processes to stimulate biodiversity conservation and restoration in sustainable food projects and enhance water security abroad:

  • Subsidy: We grant subsidies to Dutch consortia for conducting feasibility studies or pilot projects that aim to enhance water security abroad, some of which employ an innovative approach to the water-biodiversity-food nexus.
  • Co-creation: Our commitment to co-creation with local stakeholders and private- and public parties ensures that our initiatives are tailored to match local conditions and needs.
  • Networking: With a comprehensive network spanning the globe, we are dedicated to facilitating knowledge institutions, businesses, NGOs and public parties with the right connections to stimulate water-biodiversity-food projects.
  • Knowledge sharing: We monitor and disseminate insights and lessons learned from our water-biodiversity-food initiatives across the PfW community and our international partners and stakeholders.
  • Events: we regularly organise events designed to promote networking and the exchange of knowledge across the global water sector.


Get inspired by exploring the various projects and activities below that incorporate water, biodiversity and food, and have been initiated or granted funding by Partners for Water during the 2022 – 2027 programme.

How you can get involved

Whether you’re currently working on water, biodiversity and food challenges to advance water security abroad, exploring how to do so, or simply curious about participating in the Partners for Water initiatives – here are ways for you to get involved:

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