Deltra country approach

Delta country approach

Partners for Water supports delta countries worldwide with the adoption of sustainable and integrated approaches to water management.

During the Partners for Water 2022 – 2027 Programme, we focus on seven countries: Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mozambique and Vietnam. Through long-term partnerships and the use of our network, knowledge and finance, we aim to co-create solutions to complex water issues in our partner countries.


Partners for Water advises and supports partner countries in modernising their water management systems and bringing it up to a higher standard. We advise on the activities required to improve water security in various areas, in particular in the early planning phases. Specifically, this includes project development, stakeholder engagement, feasibility studies, strategy and planning and local knowledge and capacity building.

We do this by applying expertise in sustainable, integrated, inclusive and innovative water management from the Dutch and the local water sectors. In addition to the private sector, we actively and timely engage with other partners such as financial institutions, educational institutes and NGOs in addressing water issues. Partners for Water ensures that the expertise of all partners involved is translated and applied to local water issues.


This approach will lead to more sustainable and inclusive solutions to complex water issues in partner countries. In turn, this will contribute to the goal of improving water security in the partner country.

Contributing to water issues

Does your organisation want to contribute to water security issues overseas? Announcements regarding tenders will appear on the website, our LinkedIn page and in our newsletter. In addition, Partners for Water organises country meetings with local partners and the Dutch water sector and we regularly share messages online about the results of ongoing or completed projects. You can also contact directly the Delta Country Advisor

Delta Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we focus on strengthening the bilateral cooperation in water and adaptive delta management, and improving asset management within these sectors.

These activities fall under the umbrella and support of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP2100). The BDP2100 aims to advance the country’s water management and to realise a climate-resilient, prosperous and sustainable Bangladesh by 2100.

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Delta Colombia

In Colombia, we cooperate with the Colombian national and local governments, private sector, NGOs, academia and community organisations to enhance water security and climate change adaptation in the country’s delta cities and agricultural regions.

We do this in close collaboration with local and international, private and public partners and local stakeholders. An important part of our approach is that we aim to adopt inclusive processes when addressing local water challenges or developing water-management solutions.

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Delta Egypt

In Egypt’s Nile Delta, we are committed to enhancing integrated coastal management, promoting smart water use in agriculture and improving water supply and sanitation. Additionally, we collaborate with local stakeholders to upscale water management solutions.

Our bilateral water cooperation is supervised by a High-Level Water Panel, consisting of various members from the Dutch and Egyptian governments, and is chaired by the water ministers of the two countries. The Panel meets once a year to discuss water-policy directions and the progress of the programme and project levels.

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Delta India

Our collaboration with India specifically focuses on the states of Kerala and West Bengal, as well as the National Mission Clean Ganga in Delhi. The Indo-Dutch water cooperation is demand-driven, with an emphasis on water security, availability and quality.

The goal of our cooperation is to ensure that a programmatic approach is implemented through an integrated, participatory and inclusive methodology.

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Delta Indonesia

The bilateral collaboration with Indonesia on water management has been formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) since 2007. Our vision is to work together in an integrated, inclusive and sustainable manner, drawing on an equal partnership that involves stakeholders from the government, private sector, NGOs, young professionals and knowledge institutions.

Within this framework, Partners for Water prioritises lowland development and irrigation, integrated water management, and capacity development, knowledge exchange and youth engagement.

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Delta Mozambique

In Mozambique, we concentrate on the port city of Beira. The city is extremely vulnerable to sea-level rise and flooding and to enhance its resilience, Partners for Water has collaborated closely with the local municipality for over more than a decade.

Together, alongside the water sector, we have worked on a strategic plan for sustainable development: Masterplan 2035. The plan aims at advancing water management and economic prosperity, building resilient residential area’s and strengthening the municipal organisation.

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Delta Vietnam

In Vietnam, Partners for Water has been working extensively with the Vietnamese government on the development of the Mekong Delta Plan and recommendations for its execution.

A strong focus has been placed on governance and interprovincial cooperation. Furthermore, Partners for Water advocates the use of Nature-based Solutions and promotes a comprehensive and inclusive approach through various projects in collaboration with the Dutch water sector and international financing institutions.

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