How we work

Partners for Water works on solving water issues around the world

We do this in long-term cooperation with national and local partners in 7 delta countries and the Dutch water sector. By encouraging knowledge sharing, innovation and with an integrated and inclusive approach we create impact in the field of water security.

We involve the Dutch water sector and their broad range of instruments in local challenges all over the world and seek cooperation with science, financiers and NGOs. Next to that, we make subsidies available for Dutch companies active in the water sector and bring together relevant stakeholders so they can exchange knowledge and experience

Working together

Partners for Water works in equal partnerships with governments, relevant local partners and the innovative Dutch water sector. Always with a focus on co-creation and long-term cooperation.

Making impact

We work with our network of local partners and the Dutch water sector to develop solutions to local water problems, paving the way to eventual implementation of projects. Our impact stems from upscaling these solutions and innovations – and making sure they are also applicable in other parts of the world.

Stimulating innovation

We use our extensive network, knowledge, and subsidies to stimulate the application of innovative techniques, services, and methodologies from the Dutch water sector.

Knowledge exchange

Partners for Water encourages knowledge exchange between Dutch parties and local stakeholders about lessons learned, as well as between local stakeholders themselves. We do this to improve the strength and innovative power of the Dutch water sector and local parties.

The Partners for Water programme has three interrelated components

Thematic approach

Partners for Water is developing sustainable alternative approaches to solving traditional water issues. The approach focuses on two themes: Nature-based Solutions and Water-Biodiversity-Food.

Nature-based solutions can be used as sustainable alternatives to traditional infrastructure by using the natural landscape to improve flood risk management and water security. Water-biodiversity-food is directed towards system changes where stakeholders consider biodiversity as an integral factor in decision-making around water use, water balance and water management in an area.
Read about the Thematic approach.

Subsidy scheme

It can be challenging to independently introduce and market innovative water applications abroad. Partners for Water – Innovations for Water Safety and Water Security Foreign Deltas, Delta Cities and River Basins (PVW-IVWW) is a grant scheme that offers participants the opportunity to research the feasibility of their innovative applications abroad as well as to test and modify them.

Innovation is one of the most important factors in improving flood risk management and water security. By financing feasibility studies and pilot projects abroad, the Dutch government wants to increase the contribution of Dutch innovativeness to flood risk management and water security abroad.
Read about the Subsidy scheme.

Delta country approach

We use our network, knowledge and financing to improve water security overseas. As part of the programme, we are supporting a more sustainable and integrated approach to water management in seven delta countries: Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mozambique and Vietnam.
Read about the Delta country approach.

Our Partners in solving water issues

For over 20 years, Partners for Water has been the pivotal link between the Dutch water sector and global partners. Our network and projects span the globe, driving innovation and collaboration.

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