Deltacountry Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the seven delta countries that are part of the delta country approach of the Partners for Water programme 2022 – 2027

This approach promotes sustainable and integrated water management through long-term partnerships and leverages experiences and results from previous Partner for Water programmes. Discover our partnership with Vietnam and how you can participate below.

What we do in Vietnam

Partners for Water uses its network, knowledge and financing to work on water security challenges in partner countries. This is accomplished through applying the expertise in sustainable, integrated, inclusive and innovative water management from the Dutch- and local water sectors in early planning phases. In Vietnam, Partners for Water has been working extensively with the Vietnamese government on the development of the Mekong Delta Plan and recommendations for its execution.


A strong focus has been placed on governance and interprovincial cooperation. Furthermore, Partners for Water advocates the use of Nature-based Solutions and promotes a comprehensive and inclusive approach through various projects in collaboration with the Dutch water sector and international financing institutions.

How we work in Vietnam

Mekong Delta Plan
The Mekong Delta has been the primary focus of delta collaboration with Vietnam in recent years. By focusing on themes such as water retention, water-agriculture nexus, groundwater, and coastal protection, Partners for Water has solidified its role as a strategic advisor and supports the translation of the plan into concrete recommendations for infrastructural interventions. Projects are executed in cooperation with both the central and local Vietnamese governments, as well as international financing institutions like the World Bank.

Mangrove field lap
Partners for Water is funding the Mangrove Field Lab project, carried out by TU Delft in collaboration with local PhD students. The Mangrove Field Lab explores methods to facilitate the most efficient coastal restoration through mangroves.



Delta Negotiation Groundwater
Partners for Water is financing a project that utilises serious gaming to support groundwater distribution in Vietnam. The game serves as a tool to raise awareness, share knowledge and promote constructive dialogue among stakeholders for win-win solutions for groundwater management. Participants in the game include representatives from various government agencies, as well as groundwater users such as farmers, water supply companies and the industry.

Aquaculture and Coastal Protection with Nature-based Solutions

How you can get involved

Are you currently working on water projects in Vietnam or exploring how to do so? Or just curious about participating in the Partners for Water initiatives? Here are ways for you to get involved:

  • Apply for our tenders focused on innovative solutions in delta countries like Vietnam. Find more information on our news page.
  • Join our annual Vietnam platform meeting or one of the other Partners for Water events. Check out our events page for upcoming events.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our tenders, activities, events and projects.
  • Apply for the Partners for Water subsidy. Explore whether you are eligible.
  • Get in touch with our Project Advisor for Vietnam: Mattijs Zijlmans


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