Deltacountry Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the seven delta countries that are part of the delta country approach of the Partners for Water programme 2022 – 2027

This approach promotes sustainable and integrated water management through long-term partnerships and leverages experiences and results from previous Partner for Water programmes. Discover our partnership with Indonesia and how you can participate below.

What we do in Indonesia

Partners for Water uses its network, knowledge and financing to work on water security challenges in partner countries. This is accomplished through applying the expertise in sustainable, integrated, inclusive and innovative water management from the Dutch- and local water sectors in early planning phases. The bilateral collaboration with Indonesia on water management has been formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) since 2007.

This MoU was renewed in 2022 with the aim of fostering a more strategic partnership. Our vision is to work together in an integrated, inclusive and sustainable manner, drawing on an equal partnership that involves stakeholders from the government, private sector, NGOs, young professionals and knowledge institutions. Within this framework, Partners for Water prioritises lowland development and irrigation, integrated water management, and capacity development, knowledge exchange and youth engagement.

How we work in Indonesia

Integrated water resilience from North-Java
A Joint Working Group (JWG), consisting of Partners for Water and (X) , has been established to focus on integrated water resilience strategies in North Java. The JWG addresses key challenges observed across major urban centers in Indonesia, such as flooding, land subsidence, sedimentation, and coastal erosion.

Lowland development and irrigation
A Joint Working Group (JWG), consisting of Partners for Water and (X), has been established to focus on lowland development and irrigation. The group revisits the comprehensive historic bilateral collaboration in the lowland areas of Indonesia to identify opportunities for jointly and sustainably enhancing food security in these areas.

Capacity development, knowledge exchange and youth engagement
A Joint Working Group (JWG), consisting of Partners for Water and X, has been established to focus on knowledge exchange, capacity building, and youth engagement. There is a strong commitment to engage more young people, like students and young professionals, in project activities to create connections and ensure the transfer of knowledge from the older to the younger generation.

How you can get involved

Are you currently working on water projects in Indonesia or exploring how to do so? Or just curious about participating in the Partners for Water initiatives? Here are ways for you to get involved:

  • Apply for our tenders focused on innovative solutions in delta countries like Indonesia. Find more information on our news page.
  • Join our annual Indonesia platform meeting or one of the other Partners for Water events. Check out our events page for upcoming events.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our tenders, activities, events and projects.
  • Apply for the Partners for Water subsidy. Explore whether you are eligible.
  • Get in touch with our Project Advisor for Indonesia: Simon van Meijeren

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