About Partners for Water

About Partners for Water

We are a Dutch government programme that works on water issues around the world. We do this in long-term cooperation with local partners and the Dutch water sector. We encourage knowledge sharing, innovations, and an integrated approach. This is how we create impact in the field of water security for people, plants, and animals.

At the Netherlands Enterprise and Development Agency (RVO), a group of enthousiastic advisors are dedicated to work together with international partners to make a positive impact on water security.



Who we are

Our way of working

We work alongside governments, local partners, and the Dutch water sector, prioritising co-creation and sustainable partnerships. Through our joint efforts, we address local water challenges, develop innovative solutions, and ensure their global applicability. By stimulating innovation and facilitating knowledge exchange, we aim to enhance the resilience and effectiveness of both Dutch and international water initiatives.

How we work

Partners for Water: How we co-create impact

The stakes surrounding water security are higher than ever and demand innovative and inclusive approaches. Through the exchange of knowledge and the acceleration of innovation, Partners for Water has been committed to advancing sustainable solutions for water-related challenges for over two decades. Discover our way of working and learn how we, in collaboration with local partners and the Dutch water sector, address international water issues in countries such as Chile, Indonesia and eSwatini, and more.

The Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations 2030 agenda with its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is central to Partners for Water. This means that activities stemming from the programme should always contribute to long term sustainability (in relation to social-economic developments and climate change) and avoid passing on burdens to future generations.

Each Partners for Water-programme has a length of six years. The current programme runs from 2022 to 2027 and is carried out by the Netherlands Enterprise and Development Agency. The activities of this executive agency are commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality.

The Partners for Water-team consists of a dedicated group of project advisors, delegated representatives, and supportive project members, who are guided by a programme coordinator. Project advisors work on various programmes, creating room for knowledge sharing and cross-pollination.

Improving water security

Partners for Water improves the water security of 15 million people in 7 delta cities and contributes to improved and optimised river basin management and water use in agriculture for 40 million people.

The current programme offers continuity for the Dutch water sector and government on the following topics collaboration, international positioning and contributing to solutions for worldwide water problems. Partners for Water plays a facilitating, connecting, and encouraging role in this.

The programme’s three main components

The Partners for Water programme 2022 – 2027 comprises three main components: the delta country approach, the thematic approach and the subsidy scheme. These components collectively contribute to promoting innovative Dutch knowledge and expertise, and the implementation of sustainable projects that increase water security abroad. Below you can learn more about each component.

Delta country approach

Partners for Water supports delta countries worldwide with the adoption of sustainable and integrated approaches to water management. During the Partners for Water 2022 – 2027 Programme, we focus on seven countries: Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mozambique and Vietnam. Through long-term partnerships and the use of our network, knowledge and financing, we aim to co-create solutions to complex water issues in our partner countries.

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Thematic approach

Partners for Water facilitates and promotes sustainable approaches to solving global water challenges. During the Partners for Water 2022 – 2027 Programme, we do so by concentrating on three interrelated themes: Nature-based Solutions (NBS) and Water-Biodiversity-Food and Social Inclusion. By actively promoting NBS and the conservation and restoration of biodiversity within food production systems, we aim to enhance water security worldwide. Discover how to get involved.

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Subsidy scheme

Do you have an innovative technology, methodology or prototype in the field of water management? Partners for Water grants subsidies to knowledge institutions, Dutch companies and NGOs so that they can conduct feasibility studies or pilot projects that aim to enhance water security abroad. During the Partners for Water 2022 – 2027 Programme, there will be seven subsidy rounds. Explore whether you are eligible.

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