The PVW-IVWW subsidy scheme

Do you have an innovative technology, methodology or an innovative prototype in the field of water management or would you like to use your knowledge, expertise and ingenuity for water security in deltas, delta cities or river basins abroad?

The Partners for Water subsidy scheme offers opportunities for companies, educational institutions and NGOs in the water sector.

The PVW-IVWW subsidy scheme

It can be challenging to independently introduce and market innovative water applications abroad. Partners for Water – Innovations for Water Security Foreign Deltas, Delta Cities and River Basins (PVW-IVWW) is a grant scheme that offers participants the opportunity to research the feasibility of their innovative applications abroad as well as to test and modify them.


Innovation is one of the most important factors in improving flood risk management and water security. By financing feasibility studies and pilot projects abroad, the Dutch government wants to increase the contribution of Dutch innovativeness to flood risk management and water security abroad. By developing innovations, the Dutch water sector contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN). The subsidy scheme is part of the Partners for Water 2022-2027 programme.

Feasibility study

A feasibility study concerns whether and under which technical, financial and legal conditions, a proposed pilot project can be implemented. A feasibility study should provide an answer to the question of whether the intended innovation, applied in a certain context, contributes to water safety and water security and how this can be achieved in subsequent steps.

Pilot project

A pilot project involves testing and applying an innovative or improved product, technology, approach or service.
View the specific eligibility criteria for a subsidy on the website of the RVO.

Apply for a grant

There will be 7 subsidy rounds during the Partners for Water Programme 2022 – 2027. The first funded projects were announced in January 2023. The mandatory intake interviews for the current grant round have just closed. However, a second round of grants will be opened in July. To qualify, you can apply now for the mandatory intake interview.

After the intake interview, you can submit an application for a subsidy. The intake interviews for 2024’s first round of the Partners for Water subsidy scheme just closed. However, a second subsidy round will open in July. To be eligible, you can apply now for the mandatory intake interview. For more information, visit the RVO website.

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