David Mornout, Junior Programme Manager at MetaMeta – a social enterprise in sustainable water and land management – will be attending the World Water Forum in Bali this month

His involvement in the forum is no coincidence, as David was already active in youth advocacy during his studies. “I gained considerable experience as the National Director at the International Association for Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences (IAAS),” David explains.

This background forms the foundation for his role in Bali, where he will act as a bridge-builder between different cultures and areas of expertise.

Bali Youth Plan

Through the Bali Youth Plan, David actively participates in discussions and sessions that focus on political, thematic, or regional issues. This involvement aims to engage youth as equal partners in all aspects of the WWF, emphasizing their role as equal stakeholders. The 60-member youth team is essential in bringing the youth perspective into the broader conversation about water management.

Netherlands Pavilion at the Bali World Water Forum

At the Netherlands pavilion, organised by Partners for Water, David will lead a session together with colleagues from the RVO’s ‘Reversing the Flow’ programme. This session will focus on knowledge sharing and best practices on locally-led adaptation. “These sessions are key for passing on knowledge we hold and learning from others at the same time,” David explains. The Netherlands, which has a significant international role in water management, doesn’t have all the answers. A good example of this is the recent funding awarded for a Dutch-Indian knowledge exchange and research project. This funding will help our country learn more about citizen participation in early warning for floods and drought, while India can gain from Dutch expertise in riverine measurements.

Listening and connecting are essential to achieving ‘water for shared prosperity

David Mornout


Impact is made together

“Impact is only achieved through collaboration,” David says. “This is where MetaMeta excels, and it aligns perfectly with my vision for the forum.” Collaboration is vital, especially in water management where global challenges require solutions that cross borders. It’s about working together on themes and with people. The past few years, I’ve noticed increasing connections between water, nature, and food. For example, I co-organised an event with IAAS and MetaMeta, alongside the Islamic Development Bank, at last year’s United Nations Water Conference. We discussed the complex relation between water, food, energy, and ecosystems in the MENA region. Although this kind of collaboration is essential and makes sense, the complexity can sometimes slow down action. We must all stay alert to ensure that it doesn’t.

Agents of change

David’s approach is practical and aimed at achieving clear results. “I aim to bring back new contacts, ideas, and partnerships that can help us make an impact on a larger scale,” he explains. The youth plan operates under the motto ‘to position young people as agents of change and inspire more youth to take action for water.’ This approach calls for a broad perspective while maintaining a focus on action-oriented behavior. “If we can take even a small, concrete step toward achieving global water goals at Bali, I’ll be very satisfied.”

If we can take even a small, concrete step toward achieving global water goals at Bali, I’ll be very satisfied

David Mornout


World Water Forum expectations

With ‘Water for Shared Prosperity’ as its theme, the World Water Forum offers a vital space for important conversations about the future of water. “It’s not only about your own knowledge sharing but also about listening to others and forming connections,” David notes. “I’m excited to discover the range of ideas and approaches that the forum will bring, which will also help me look beyond my own water bubble.”

With the Netherlands pavilion from Partners for Water and youth representation by David, the World Water Forum will have a substantial delegation from the Netherlands. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates from the WWF.

Join us at the Netherlands Pavilion at Bali!

Bali World Water Forum

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