Ivo van der Linden has recently joined Partners for Water

He’s not completely new, however, as he was a ‘Rijkstrainee’ (government intern) with PfW in 2008 and served as coordinator for Indonesia for the Netherlands Water Partnership from 2011-2017. Now he will be the Delegated Representative (DR) for Indonesia. He invites anyone interested in the Dutch – Indonesian water cooperation to get in touch with him to talk about opportunities. But first, we will learn a little bit more about him. Welcome to the team, Ivo!

‘I visited Indonesia for the first time back in 2008. As a “Rijkstrainee” (government intern) at PfW, I was stationed at the Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, supporting a mission for a Dutch minister and her delegation that were visiting Indonesia. I was also involved in the Dutch support for Jakarta’s flood management, which is now known as “National Capital Integrated Coastal Development”.’ After working for seven years as the Indonesian liaison for the Netherlands Water Partnership, Ivo chose to pursue a different career path in order to broaden his knowledge and skills: ‘That’s why I made the move to the Dutch public transport team at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W). For the past six years as Senior Policy Advisor I was involved in developing the railway system in The Netherlands and cross borders.’

Hybrid role

Now Ivo has taken off with his family to Jakarta for a new adventure as the Delegated Representative (DR) for Indonesia. ‘For three years, I will be formally stationed with the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Housing. My roll will be a hybrid one meaning that I’m with the Indonesian Ministry, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterworks (I&W) and the Dutch embassy. This way I’m in the best position to guide the collaboration between relevant governments, companies and other stakeholders involved.’

‘In the last three years I’ve developed a strong network within the Netherlands Ministry of I&W and gained experience in both strategic and political consulting. In addition, I’ve made frequent short and long trips to Indonesia working on various water related projects. I believe these two experiences have prepared me for the role of DR Water Indonesia and will help me to accelerate the strategic, tactical- and operational water cooperation between the two countries.’

Diversity in solutions

In his time as DR, Ivo wants to work hard in matching the Dutch water expertise to specific challenges that Indonesia faces. ‘We need to identify what our strengths are and only suggest using them if we believe they will further benefit Indonesia. To do so, we need to look at the broad spectrum of our sector. The solutions available are very diverse and are coming from newcomers with innovative ideas. That is why we need to involve the young, bright Indonesian and Dutch professionals of tomorrow.’

‘Based on my experiences in flood management in Jakarta, I will track the challenges and opportunities for the Dutch Water sector for both the development of Nusuntara in Kalimantan province, which is going to be the new capital of Indonesia and Jakarta, the current capital. The plan is to make Nusuntara green and ‘smart’ – a great idea that will also come with big challenges. Opportunities for our sector exist, such as in climate adaptation and sustainable water management. In my role, what is important for me is that I carry out my responsibilities in a way that fits the sector and its stakeholders. That is why I’m sending out an open invitation to get in touch with me. I hope to speak to you soon!’

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