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Social Inclusion

‘Social inclusion in water climate adaptation’ event: a short recap by various participants

With gratitude we look back at the ‘Social Inclusion in Water Climate Adaptation – Making a Transformation’ event, which took place on 12 September 2023 in Utrecht. Below you will find a short recap of the experiences shared by various participants.

“What I’ve learned during the event the importance of embracing diverse views and attitudes when facing collective challenges. Instead of imposing my own perspectives, I aspire to recognize the value in each other, genuinely listen, and accept potential differences as a starting point. From there, we can collectively acknowledge and address our challenges, working together to find resolution.” – Piebe Hoeksma, Dutch Water Authority


Piebe Hoeksma © Feike Faase Fotografie

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“My most significant takeaway from the Social Inclusion event is the inspiring work people are already doing to address water security, aligning with my work on rainwater catchment projects in northern Kenya. I’m enthusiastic about exploring the ideas on social inclusion I’ve encountered at the event, with a view to making a lasting impact on my marginalised community in Kenya.” – Augustine Lenamoe, Npydo

Augustine Lenamoe, Npydo © Feike Faase Fotografie

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“If I were to reflect on my experience of the Social Inclusion event, I’d highlight a valuable insight: it’s crucial to return to the source of our actions. Often, we assume we know what marginalised groups need and plan projects accordingly, but in reality, we know very little about their lives and circumstances. Instead, it’s wiser to ask them directly, shaping our project activities and defining short-term, mid-term and long-term goals based on their actual needs.” – Priodarshine Auvi, Oxfam Novib

Priodarshine Auvi © Feike Faase Fotografie

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