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Humans of Partners for Water

Humans of Partners for Water – Hélder Domingos in Mozambique

“I believe that water is the main factor that can affect quality of life and lives within the community.”
In this Humans of Partners for Water series, discover how the FACE Association’s CEO, Hélder Domingos, addresses Mozambique’s water security challenges in partnership with Partners for Water.

Humans of Partners for Water

With the Human series, we showcase the people who are involved in and benefit from the Partners for Water projects. The Human series sheds light on the stories of the people with whom and for whom Partners for Water works, and on how water affects their lives. Discover below how water influences the life of the FACE Association’s CEO, Hélder Domingos, and how he is committed to a water-secure Mozambique.

Dutch – Mozambican water cooperation

Mozambique and the Netherlands will celebrate 50 years of bilateral cooperation in 2025. Throughout this cooperation, the two countries have been working on improving access to WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) services and water management in Mozambique, and plan to continue doing so.

The delta country in southern Africa is vulnerable to extreme climate events, which have manifested in numerous floods, droughts, cyclones, and storm surges over the last decades. To address this, Partners for Water has established a long-term partnership with the municipality of Beira to make the port city more climate resilient. This is done by supporting the development and implementation of the Beira Master Plan (BMP) 2035, initiating and co-financing land development in Beira’s Maraza neighbourhood, facilitating digitalisation and improvement of land registration, donor coordination and strengthening local institutions to enhance cyclone and flood resilience. These activities have been and will continue to be carried out mainly by local institutions, service providers, developers, and NGOs such as the FACE Association. With its capacity-building skills in Water, Sanitation, Solid Waste Management and Environmental Protection and local presence, FACE has contributed to numerous Partners for Water projects in Mozambique.


Hélder is co-founder of the FACE Water and Sanitation Association which is a Mozambican non-profit organization located in Beira that contributes to the country’s development by improving living conditions in communities by working with communities.

“In 2000, I had my first encounter with a flood situation. We had one month without electricity and water. This memory has stayed alive in my mind since that day. I believe that water is the main factor that can affect living conditions and lives within the community.”

With his passion for community development and sustainable and integrated solutions with a special focus on vulnerable groups and gender, he has contributed to Mozambique’s water security through advocacy, consultancy, training, and implementing programmes and projects in ​​water, sanitation, hygiene and environmental protection. Discover more about his ‘why’ in the Humans of Partners for Water video below.

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